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Preventative Care

We feel that it is very important to have biannual visits with the hygienists at Miller, Sullivan, and Associates. In addition to cleaning your teeth, they will assess the health of your gums. Your dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth and make recommendations for any necessary treatment. These visits are vital to diagnosing and correcting any small problems before they become big problems.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Many advances have been made in the field of cosmetic dentistry in recent years. Now it is possible to reverse years of normal wear and tear in just a few visits. Unsightly defects in your teeth can be corrected with veneers (facings), crowns, or esthetic fillings and contouring of your teeth to construct a beautiful smile.
We offer at-home bleaching kits to lighten and brighten your smile.

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Crowns, Caps, and Bridges

A "cap" or a "crown" can be used to restore to its original size and shape a tooth that has broken, heavily filled or cracked. A tooth that has a big cavity or is at risk for fracture may also be crowned to avoid this problem. After a root canal, a tooth can become brittle and is often crowned to prevent fracture.
If a tooth is lost, a "bridge" can be made to replace the missing tooth or teeth in order to restore your bite and chewing capabilities. Implants are another way we can restore a lost or missing tooth.

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Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals)

The tooth's pulp (blood and nerve supply) can sometimes become inflamed or infected, and root canal therapy is the only way to save the tooth from being removed. A root canal is a procedure where the inside of the tooth is cleaned and filled with a special material to prevent further infection. Most therapy can be rendered right in our office; however for complicated cases we will be happy to refer you to a specialist.

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In order to prevent further decay and other problems associated with a tooth when it gets a cavity, the decaying part of the tooth is removed and a filling is placed to restore the tooth to its original shape and function. We make sure that the fillings are the same color as your tooth. The decay is removed and your smile will be improved at the same time.
Over time, old fillings do break down, fall out, and/or get cavities under them. Routine exams will detect these areas and a new filling will need to be placed to restore the tooth to health.

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Periodontal (gum) Disease

Although seldom painful and frequently free of any observable signs or symptoms, periodontal disease can slowly destroy the supporting bone around teeth to the point that the tooth becomes loose and non-restorable. Fortunately, if the condition is caught early and treated, oral health can be restored and maintained.

Periodontal disease is an infection caused by plaque, but it can also be facilitated by many other factors such as smoking, diabetes or genetic predisposition. This is why screening and early prevention are very important.

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As children's permanent teeth start to come in, a reliable preventative treatment is to place a tooth colored covering over the chewing part of the tooth. This will help to prevent early cavities on teeth they will have the rest of their lives. The dentist may choose to seal both the 6- and 12-year molars depending on your child's individual needs. The best way to avoid a problem is to prevent it!

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X-rays are necessary to accurately diagnose problems in oral health. Many advances have been made in the field of radiology regarding radiation exposure.

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